I work with a limited number of students in a one-on-one format. My primary purpose in teaching meditation is to support the awakening process of my students. From this standpoint, I view meditation not so much as an end in itself - although it is a very worthwhile practice - but rather as a powerful tool that supports the enlightenment process.

I see enlightenment as a realistic and attainable goal for my students. Far from the freakish states and fantasies of perfection often associated with enlightenment in popular culture, enlightenment is a very natural expression of our deepest nature as human beings. With dedication, a bit of discipline, a sense of adventure and a willingness to look honestly at yourself and your practice, it is very possible to reach a fully awakened state and learn once and for all who you really are.

I draw on a variety of established meditation traditions, and part of our initial work together will be to determine which practices best support your own process. For many years I practiced in a yoga tradition, and I also have experience with a number of other meditation techniques and enlightenment traditions, including Christian and Buddhist traditions. If you work within a particular tradition or hold certain religious beliefs, you can continue to do so during our work together.

Who might be interested in working with me?

  • Those who are new to meditation
  • Those who have practiced in a meditation tradition that does not openly discuss enlightenment, and who would like an opportunity to work with someone who does
  • Those who have been meditating for some time and feel that their practice has become routine or dry
  • Advanced practitioners who sense they may be close to full awakening and are looking to “get over the last hump”
  • Those who have had an initial opening experience and would like to take their practice deeper
  • Those who want to get more out of meditation than stress reduction or self improvement
  • Those who are interested in becoming enlightened in this lifetime


I work with students one-on-one, as in my experience this is the most effective means of deepening one’s practice and moving it forward. I can work in person, via video chat (such as Skype), or over the phone. I prefer to speak once a week initially, until we establish a solid working relationship; after several weeks we can decide on a frequency that best suits you and your process.

During the time we work together, you will need to sit at least once a day for a minimum of 30 minutes. You will also need to keep a practice journal, which you share with me so that I can provide you with regular feedback.

Fees and other practicalities

I charge $65 per hour, in half hour increments. Fees are due at the time of our session.

If you are interested in working with me, please email me and we can arrange for an initial conversation (at no charge). During that conversation we can decide whether we are a good fit to work together and discuss your practice and goals.